Saturday, July 17, 2010

Destroy the BP Brand!!!!

They say the Brand belongs to the people/customer.
A company doesn't own the Brand the people do.
The company only manages the Brand.
They also say a Brand is a perception, nothing more nothing less. What BP has done to the ocean is unforgiveable!
My perception of BP is one of disgust. If the world's people sit back and continue to support their products then they deserve what they got. 'I will never as long as I exsist on this planet buy another BP product' BP should change their logo to a black flower as this would best compliment their image projection. Corporates that rely on petrolium products should cancel their contracts with BP if they are true to their support for a green /blue planet. Unfortunately the big corporates and governments are so corrupt and hypercritical that they say things for publicity but do the opposite. People, grow a back bone, don't be molluscs and stand up for once! Collectively you have power, more than you realise! Talk is cheap get off your behinds and do something. Sink BP! The world doesn't need companies that!

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