Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Everybody is going GREEN which is awesome! However we must focus on the ocean. 70% of our planet is covered by ocean! If the ocean catches a cold trust me we can go as green as much as we like we will be in the POO! We have to develop an 'OCEAN ATTITUDE!' or a BLUE ATTITUDE!' Our planet is known as the Blue planet. Don't get me wrong we have to change our ways and attitudes on land with the reduction of green house gases etc. It is vital. Our main focus has to be developing the right attitudes in the minds of our youth. They are our future and if they develop the correct attitudes towards our environment, we will be cooking in the future. They won't know how to do it otherwise. They will only know how to DO IT RIGHT. Visit my website; http://www.captaindolfie.com/ I have focused on ATTITUDE as I believe this is the only sustainable positioning of environmental awareness. I am looking for a company to sponsor my 'Dolfie' character to become a spokesman for environmentally friendly products. It will be a unique way of differentiating products and building an environmentally friendly Brand. Don't under estimate the purchasing power of the youth.
I believe it will create a FUN, HUMOROUS, COLOURFUL and INTERACTIVE element to compliment your Brand. This will build a strong Brand recall and develop a huge underestimated 'WORD of MOUTH' (Buzzmetrics) aspect of your Brand building. This approach also compliments the use of digital media such as cellular phones, Twitter messages, Facebook and Bloggs. These aforementioned media brings the Brand into the customers pocket! 'BRAND IN THE POCKET' is the greatest advantage the electronic media has brought to the concept of Brand building. The Dolfie character will create a strong 'Brand driver' that captures or communicates the essence of your Brand promise. Let's get together and change some ATTITUDES! Remember one person can make a difference. Tell a friend.

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