Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hi GUYS, A while back I thought of applying my ATTITUDE concept to the recreational angler, who isn't the biggest threat to my marine environment. You can't begin to compare the little damage that they do to what the big trawlers do for example. However, if they think of the consequences, and apply their minds ('cerebral fishing') before they do something whilst having fun you have an almighty big population of people with the right ATTITUDE! That is already a great start don't you think? Every additional person makes a difference. So I did some research at 'Prof Coely' the Coelacanth, the oldest and wisest friend in the ocean (He has an awsome reference library) and designed a logo that I thought would project the right message, As pictures paint a thousand words. Lands people, are visual people by nature. Let me know what you think? I have combined the message with various marine creatures (friends of mine) to get the message across.-Cheers, Dolfie

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