Saturday, July 18, 2009

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Bluefin tuna is one of our ocean's top predators. It's also in serious decline due to overfishing, and many scientists believe we are now at a critical point in time where failure to act could finally push this species over the edge.

So good news today, that the French president announced his country's supportfor a international trade ban of this endangered species. Monaco has already called for bluefin to be listed under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). This listing, if effected, would result in such a ban.

The support of France in this move is important, as historically the bluefin catch of the French fleet has been higher than other European countries, and has included catching young bluefin to be raised in floating farm pens.

Now our hopes to turn to the other influential nations, such as the U.S., to see if they will also support this call to action. For the sake of the future of this amazing animal, we certainly hope so.

Late breaking news! The U.K. government just announced it would also support the ban! All eyes turn to the Obama Administration now. Save the bluefin!

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This is AWESOME NEWS!!! Viva le France & God save the Queen!. OBAMA I am whatching you. It is your move pal. The people I am worried about are the Chinese and the Jap's. They have never displayed any cooperation in the past ever when it comes to conserving marine life and I recall just a few; SAVE THE WHALESDOLPHIN SLAUGHTER at KIKI BAYSHARK FINING TUNA OVER FISHING etc.Do you want me to continue? They care about the environment as much as I care about wearing make up. They always hide behind the 'It's our culture, and has been for thousands of years' BULLSHIT!!! This is the era of change if you are not aware. If you want to stay in your culture groove then why are you not riding in horse and cart? Lets be positive and look in the windscreen and not in the rearview mirror. That's why it is imperative that we keep on working and communicating collectively. Let's create an 'OCEAN MOTION!' going and send this message to every person you know. CAPTAIN DOLFIE

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